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We work on trucks, cars, light and heavy trailers and all kinds of equipment.


  • Competitive Prices

    You will find top quality parts and service at the best prices we can offer for your satisfaction.

  • Local and Trusted

    We have built a reliable reputation in the Fergus area from years of excellent truck repair and service.

  • Specialized Service

    Our technicians have expert knowledge of all makes and models so we can fix and maintain your vehicle properly.

  • Licensed Inspection

    Leslie's provides professional inspections for your truck so you know exactly what your vehicle needs.

  • Certified Technicians

    Our certified technicians work hard to give you the best service for your truck in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Warranty on Parts

    We honour manufacturer’s warranties and can offer assistance with warranty applications or returns on request.

Differential Cover

We offer differential weld on covers for 40,000 axles and super 40s in addition to options for 46k axle as well. Our covers are made of high quality steel and come with a fill plug and temp sensor port so using this cover greatly reduces the cost of repairing your rotten differential. We install the covers at our shop however, we can also ship them to you. That is to say that what the customer wants, we provide.

Voth Truck Bodies

Voth Truck Bodies maintains the highest standards in manufacturing with quality testing and welding practices. Therefore, Voth Truck Bodies provides a superior customized truck body to work in every industry. Above all, they specialize in dump truck bodies that can fit any vehicle in size from a half tonne pickup to a 20 and a half foot tri-axle, for instance.

shined up trucks done by Leslie's Equipment

Top Service for Your Truck

Leslie's Equipment specializes in differential covers and Voth truck bodies but we also have a large range of services that we provide. For example; tire and wheel, oil and filter, heating/cooling, electrical, diesel repairs, hydraulic hoses and other engine repairs. Not only do we excel at the service we provide for your vehicle but most importantly, we take pride in the care and maintenance we offer. As a result, our expertise shows in our work and our dedication shows with our customers. Ask around town about us and you won't be disappointed by what you hear! In short, we know you want the best for your truck and that means us. 

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